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I love words, sunny days, stormy nights, mellow jazz, interesting people and animals. A retired broadcaster, and narrator-, my greatest joy besides writing is 'being.'

My characters are old friends who allow me to peek in on their lives and write about it. They keep me awake nights, but I don't mind.


I’m Brandi ‘S’ Alexander plus a few other alters; S Alexander is my primary pen name. Can’t say I’m a struggling young writer, with all the silver strands of wisdom on my head; fine ribbons of valor for staying the course (or genetics and children)! However, I am a struggling writer and loving every minute! I want you to love what I do too, but you have to read it. Once you do-, you’ll become an S Alexander novel addict! Now would I lie to you-, my potential audience, fan base, providers of my needs-, like food and shelter? Never!


I’ve never-ever made up a story. Never! My characters come to me and share their lives, then allow me to write it all down-, for you. My books aren’t biased; covers every genre from classic novel to nit-wit, children's stories, faith to fantasy, and some with simi-sizzle adult content .I’m a southern writer and enjoy the ‘well-, maybe moments,’ when it comes to descriptive romantic situations. Always highly sensual, but never crossing the line of descent sensibility-, well that’s the way I see it. The same applies to language. There are some dirty words that I just won’t say; still a latent fear that momma-, long since crossed over,still might be listening. (I’m not sure that she wouldn’t understand the ‘blank-blank-blanks’ and other fillers-, so who am I fooling!)


All  S. Alexander titles are available on in print and e-formats.


As little about myself as possible, but here goes. Retired broadcaster/educator, I write, co-produce and narrate documentary film, but mostly-, I write books! Join me as 'Precious Huddleston' on Facebook-, and please like my web page. You’re probably wondering about all the names; I wonder about me too! Keeping up with my alters helps stave off approaching dementia and is my version of neuro-gymnastics. The reference to neuro-gymnastics, although humorously tossed, is not taken lightly. I am a multi-stroke survivor; collective side effects from a thirty year battle with Lupus and Multiple sclerosis. Writing is my virtual spaceship; my escape; my love (I’ve got to remember that line and stick it somewhere in my next book). Y’all read every title and let me know what you think.

                       ~S Alexander (and the rest of us)~




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Books by S Alexander- the new southern tale-spinner

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My bumps, dents, dings and scars shows that I've lived; survived. They validate having something worth writing about.

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Do you want sweet tea or strong coffee with that book? It's a southern hospitality thing.

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